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I think about you less and less,

As each day greets its successor.

But not quite void as yet,

For less does not mean I forget you.

Though I beg the question of curiosity:

What brings you to me,

To linger in memory and apparition?

Why remain so faint though the same?

Free of need and intention,

It still circles like us to the sun,

And our waxing or waning moon.

Burden begone as such whence,

In time I found the healing remedy,

But truth speaks to say I miss you.

When one thinks of what has come,

And moved to some place else,

They reach out in hopes of grasping,

A once held happiness in fond arms.

Profound the way it drew nigh and went away,

In my luck and misfortune,

The lightning does strike twice.

As rare as it may be,

It unexpectedly arrived only,

To come so close and then evade me.

Fifteen days dawned until we shared,

That first golden glimpse,

Along with the kiss that did not seem to end.

Blessed to see you at that,

A white witch in black before the hill so steep,

I tripped up not once but twice.

And climbed again as you fell away.

One of the harder lessons in love,

Learning and letting go,

That I loved to learn and let go of.

However in the release,

What keeps you here and unto when?

Or why and in what service or purpose?

It's harmless,

And I welcome what transpires,

From this looming curiosity.

You are the leaves of trees that rustle free of breeze,

The softening amber glow at dusk,

That stays beyond the star's offering;

Present with uncertainty.

Cold hands write these words,

From a warm heart that holds no malice,

Just the everlasting effect you left behind.

I nonetheless accept and have since the day,

The separation set between two souls,

Sent to hold hands and gaze,


The subtle notes of lavender linger,

As I savour the essence of this handmade chai.

The tea pours for one here and now.

Completed 3 May 2020.

Published 2 February 2022.

© All rights reserved.


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