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Your Specialist Accountant and Business Strategist

Meet Jordan Julius, a specialised accountant and business strategist, truly unique within his industry with a wealth of knowledge to offer. His career in public practice accounting exceeds 10 years and 1,000s of clients served, ranging from everyday individuals to multinational parent companies and their subsidiaries. 

Knowing his "why," Jordan felt he had more to give within and beyond accounting, so he temporarily left public practice in 2021 to determine the "what and how," all while continuing to provide virtual CFO and specialised consulting services.


Being the personable, caring man he is, Jordan knew he’d continue working directly with people to help them through struggles and amplify strengths, so they may establish and pursue their purpose, whether that be in business, creativity or life overall.


After travelling the around the world and affirming is mission, Jordan is now successfully running his own public practice in Australia offering specialised accounting, taxation and consulting services with a focus on clarity, integrity and prosperity.


And he is absolutely loving it!

Jordan enjoys applying his technical skillset to core business matters but also considering the deeper, more personal issues people face. He is well-equipped to navigate such terrain confidently, with over a decade of business experience, the overcoming of his own personal hardship and the commitment to ongoing self-development.


What Jordan offers his clients is not limited to accounting, but a holistic offering of his embodied wisdom gained from lived experience; think personal life meets business world.

“I'm endlessly pursuing my best, in business and in life, constantly striving to be better than I was yesterday, all while celebrating wins and falls along the way.”

Jordan is passionate about all he does and is committed to transforming the ways of conventional accounting.

He brings a unique and integrated mix of:

  • "Active" qualities - leading, proactive, assertive, disciplined, decisive

  • "Passive" qualities - intuitive, empathic, creative, receptive, caring

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Believing his purpose is to lead, serve and support others, Jordan thrives on giving advice and applying his experience to help clients navigate their issues and aspirations, but to ultimately guide them in to success.


Jordan is fascinating to engage with and there is truly no one else like Jordan offering the same services in this space.

Qualifications and Experience


- Registered Tax Agent

- Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accounting

- Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

- Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

- Diploma of Mortgage Broking & Financial Management

- Certified Xero Advisor and Champion

- Justice of the Peace in NSW

- Fellow of the NTAA

- 10+ years in accounting and business

- 4 years in a top 10 accounting firm

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Jordan wields confidence in holding space and connecting with every client through conscious listening, observing and feeling - allowing him to support you with impactful guidance that inevitably results in change, growth and success.


Business owners, entrepreneurs and aspiring individuals need an advisor they can trust. Someone who is authentic, relatable, honest, experienced and committed. A professional that loves numbers and efficiency, as well as the personal and creative aspects of life.


Jordan is your all-in-one accountant, advisor, coach and leader that you want on your team!


- He has played the drums since he was 12

- Is devoted to specialty coffee and crafting the perfect brew, every time!

- Completed his first half-marathon in June 2023

- Loves cold water immersion and sunrise swimming

- Is learning Danish and intends to be fluent in the language by June 2025

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“I pride myself on satisfying needs and desires, nurturing strong relationships and prioritising quality over quantity. These principles are embedded in all I do.”
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