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Open Your Heart to Love and Grief

A man's love for his woman is an expression of his lifeforce, first created by he who knows himself, stands in himself and acts with impeccability. A man's strength is keeping his woman safe without losing himself, the same way his strength is surrendering in vulnerability to her feminine nurturing. A man's adoration for his woman is to not pick the flower, but to let it unravel naturally, to invoke her true spirit and let her be in her beautiful wilderness untainted. A man will suffer for his love as well as savour it, with every experience a blessing of divine unity. Deep grief crept up on me this week as I realised how much sadness had been welling within, ever since Henriette and I rose passionately in love. Amazing months have been enjoyed, though those same months have endured the ache of not physically being with her. Not being able to hold her, to look into her eyes, to breathe the same air, to start and end the same day together. Not being able to fully express my lifeforce in the way it is intended. I have never loved so deeply and yearned for anything more than I do my woman, at the same time I have never felt so much pain and anguish from being on separate sides of the Earth. An open heart welcomes all and feels everything, as does mine, and it remains open to feel this pain in full, As I feel love, the most divine expression, in full. When sadness seeks to surface like water from a spring - let it. Tears unwept run deep down into your soul and drown it. Your joy is sorrow unmasked, so your capacity to feel both is therefore to feel whole and alive. We do not know what being together will look like, when or where it will actualise, but we do know it will and what it feels like. The feeling is held within our hearts as joyous light guiding us through pitch black uncertainty, which it has done for all this time. As does our strength and sovereignty continually move us, unwavering in the face of adversity. And of course - our passionate devoted love for each other, rising from our soulful selfdom, bringing us together as one.

Completed 12 December 2021.

Published 2 February 2022.

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