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Know You

Know you.

Be you.

Do you.

Do you?

Albeit you,

know you?

Who are you and what do you want?

Your first response is seldom adequate,

And many the rest that follow.

Before you know you.

Do what you will,

And what you are willed to do,

Though not until you know no,

And the right to not say yes,

Lest your yes is best only when it serves you.

But not until you know you.

They say the singularity is where time and space ends;

Life breaks,

Not even light is forsaken.

They say crossing the event horizon,

Is to enter an inescapable abyss,

Causing all to disappear in the black myth.

But that is where the magic happens.

The line most feared is the line worth crossing.

Navigating a black hole,

Appears impossible,

Both to the naked eye and a fearful mind.

But it is possible.

I have done it.

Schwartzchild's radius,

The measurement of one's journey through obsidian.

Insidious yes,

Though not to be detested,

For it brings you to your greatest,

At the point of singularity.

Through which you will pass to find your authenticity,

Harness powerful ability,

To be in your purposeful creativity.

Redefine the event horizon,

A fringe of light lining your grim shadow.

On the other side is one's self remembered,

At the point of singularity.

Your individuality.


Know you.

I am me.

Not straying,

But staying.

Endlessly swaying,

Ebbing and flowing,

Deep and wide.

All the seeds I am sewing,

Shore and tide,

To harvest the knowing.

So take flight from the guise,

Shine light on the shadow side,

That darkness you yearn to hide.

Turn the plight,

On the old self in which you reside,

Because now it is time to rise.

Look into my eyes.

See the truth behind,

My own that reflect only,

The truth in you.

I am but a mirror for you.

I see you.

Know you,

By seeing you.

Let it ring true,

The demise of the old you,

Freeing your heart to be and do.

As you breathe through,

All you thought you knew,

What comes to you is the now anew.

Be to receive and be received.

Be to give and be given to.

Be to be.

Be to do.

And now I must make these requests to you!

Hold yourself,

Before you let go of yourself.

Love yourself,

To not lose yourself.

Heal yourself,

Do not hate yourself.

Build yourself,

Before you break yourself.

Open yourself,

To not close yourself.

Retain yourself,

Don't throw away yourself.

You knew yourself,

Before you forgot yourself.

So remember yourself,

Your whole highest soul self.

Know you,

Like the sun flares its energy,

Giving life unapologetically.

Know you,

Like the moon new or full feels all things,

From light to shadow with phases between.

Know you,

Like the drum's vibration penetrates,

Through rigid skin and bone to kiss your soul.

Know you,

Like the truth echoing from within,

For you to hear the call to come home.

Know you,

Like the breath carries from each moment,

To the next a revived sense of self.

Know you,

Like the heart pulsates to flood the flesh,

Moving you forward to what is great.

Know you,

Like water rests, ripples and rushes,

In every state still one and the same.

Know you,

Like fire ignites heat so palpable,

Your passion mimics to be untamed.

Know you,

As the father of your creation,

Seeding the safety to be and do.

Know you,

As the mother of your gestation,

A nurturing space beyond hitherto.

Know you,

With the love you always deserved,

And hereon endlessly deserve.

Know you,

By forgetting all you ever learnt,

Remembering all you are from birth.

Cultivate strength; unshakeable.

Come forth with presence, unmistakable.

Breathe scorching fire; untamable.

Now and future state; unrefutable.

Know you, Indisputable.

Completed 16 March 2022.

Published 14 April 2022.

© All rights reserved.


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